Signal Hill has a mission to ensure all students reach their greatest potential.


Every student will be a responsible, productive citizen in a diverse and competitive world.

Principal's Message

In just three short weeks, summer will be here! The days will get longer and warmer.  Some of your middle and high school children may even begin their summer vacations while your children here at Signal Hill, have two more months of school.  Thank you for helping us maintain a rigorous curriculum and instructional program by ensuring that our students are well rested, on time, and dressed for success until the last day of school on Tuesday, July 26th.  In addition, please wait until August to schedule any family vacations.  
This time of year is especially important for 3rd-5th grade students as they begin SBAC testing.  This week, 3rd graders will begin testing followed by 5th and then 4th graders.  Please see our Counselor’s Post, in this newsletter, for further details.  We are confident that our awesome teaching staff has prepared our students well and we look forward to outstanding results in the weeks to come.  
Finally, thank you for supporting our work by ensuring that your children come to school daily with a positive growth mindset. Some ways you can support this is by building your child up daily when they have doubts.  One example would be when your child says, “I can’t do this,” you can respond by saying, “What have you learned that might help you be successful?”


With Dino Pride,

Mrs. Lavelle




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