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Every student will be a responsible, productive citizen in a diverse and competitive world.

Principal's Message

Happy New Year 2017 and Welcome Back to School! We hope you and your families had a restful Winter Break .
As we return to school, the weather will be cool and rainy. Thank you for continuing to support your child’s excellent attendance by leaving home a little earlier during inclement weather. Just a reminder that students who arrive after 8AM are considerered tardy. During extremely cold days, students may wear heavy outerwear and rain gear of another color. However, daily outerwear, including: hoodies, sweaters and light jackets must be solid navy or white. If you need help getting your child a navy hoodie, please see our counselor Mr. Goodwin.
We hope that students had multiple opportuniites, during vacation, to access ST Math from home. Providing your child opportunities to access Jiji from home, will ensure that your child completes the program this school year. Data supports a strong correlation between ST Math completion and our students mastery of their Math Standards. Thank you for supporting your child with this goal.
We wish you and your families a bright and beautiful New Year and we look forward to seeing all of you at this month’s Tea with Tammy.
Thank you for continuing to be a partner in your child’s education.
With Dino Pride,
Mrs. Lavelle




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